Speed painting workshops, where anyone can draw a picture in just a few hours, opened in Almaty. The visitors of Dina Mertenova’s workshop call this place a ‘workshop of happiness’. It is hard to comprehend unless you try it, her students say. A person who would have never thought of becoming a painter creates such wonderful paintings just in few hours of standing at the canvas.



 - We splatter bright, saturated and beautiful paints onto the canvas and here you go – the painting is created. Yes, it is not an academic painting but it is an abstract painting, expression of your state of mind.


Hundreds of people were trained at Dina’s workshop. Accountants, houswives, doctors, athletes come here to open up that inner passion that turns a person into a creator with the help of a patient teacher.



 - This is not my first painting. You cannot even imagine how entertaining and easy it is. It draggs you. With a good presentation, a good teacher and enourmous potential and desire to paint one can create real masterpieces!



 - It feels amazing. You forget about everything – just you and the canvas. Developing creative skills is so exciting. I feel like I am opening up my talents and new potential. I just like it. It gives me sense of peace and confidence.


A creative push literally changes the life of students. Painting opens up new facets and new opportunities of their personalities, and even changes their lives. Dina and her husband help to make the next step. They arrange their students’ first exhibitions. Art project participants aorganize their own personal opening days, some of them have sold dozens of their paintings.

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