A gala-show of the Kazakhstan historical drama "A Road to Mother" took place in Rome. The feature film by Kazakh director Akan Satayev narrating about the strong power of mother’s love moved Italian audience to tears. Torn apart from the son, Mariyam had been waiting for him for 30 years. Her son faced with hard blows of fate. He lived through orphanage, war, captivity and the Soviet camp, yet there was the fervent hope that the son will find the road to mother.



 - Mother’s love is a powerful and everlasting feeling. Anywhere in the world, all mothers feel and act the same. This movie makes sense to any spectator.


Collectivization, hunger (jute) and war: the main heroes have been through the hardships of the most tragic period in Kazakhstan’s history. Europeans are not familiar with that but interested anyway.



 - We want to familiarize the world with our history, our culture, with Kazakhstan in general. Therefore, we show the movie to the audience in different countries. We showed it in Los Angeles and there was an out-of-competition show in Moscow Film Festival. This is how we let people know about our culture and our history.


Simple, sincere and true story won the hearts of the spectators. The picture is planned to be screened at Venice Film Festival. According to critics, the Kazakh movie is worth showing at large film festivals.



 - The movie is very optimistic and sincere. It shows that the director believes in good, and this is important. We are surrounded by negativity and bad news. Isn’t the main characters’ courage and endurance inspiring? I loved the movie. This is what worth screening.

 - I should say that the film is very good, worth watching. It shows Kazakhstan and Kazakh people’s culture. I have been to Kazakhstan and I know. The film reflects the history and traditions of Kazakhs. I think that this production should participate in large-scale festivals and should be shown in many other countries.


The film was also shown in Milan at Teatro San Babila.

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