Astana hosted a presentation of a new book about outstanding Kazakh women, whose talent and work have changed this world for the better. The publication contains essays about WWII veterans, politicians, businesswomen, scientists, athletes, artists and doctors. As the project authors say, in fact, this book is the source of inspiration for everyone who wants to be creative and achieve their dreams. The collection of essays is not just motivating; they are real success stories that tell about how to become a happy woman.



- There are stories about people whose hard work contributed to the development of our country and advancement in all spheres of life in our society. Their lives, their creativity, hard work and professional growth are an example for younger generation.


Assiya Bazyken is one of those whose story appeared in the new book. The mother of a large family does her best to bring up children in a way so they became versatile personalities and patriots, whose talent and knowledge could facilitate the country’s prosperity.



It is good that such a book has appeared. I would like to express gratitude to the publisher who noticed me and gave me an opportunity to express my feelings to the younger generation, because I can tell and share a lot.


The collection ‘Outstanding Women of Kazakhstan: achieving a dream’ is a part of the project ‘New Era: Success Code’ spreading a word about talented people living in Kazakhstan. The book ‘Success encyclopedia’ was published as part of this project as well. The project managers intend to publish a book about talented Kazakh children in the near future.

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