The artist Bekzhan Tyulkiyev was admired and honored for his unusual and innovative approach. At present, art historians consider him as a founder of surrealism in Kazakhstan. Tyulkiyev’s paintings are often compared with the legendary paintings of Salvador Dali. Astana is hosting exposition in memory of this talented Kazakh painter. Organizers exhibited more than 40 paintings of Bekzhan Tyulkiyev after 20 years of his death. The exposition featured drawings with pencil and charcoal, numerous sketches, finished and unfinished paintings. 



- He has achieved a lot in his life and left the rich legacy. We are proud of our father. Me and my brother are painters. We graduated from Zhurgenev Art Academy, and are continuing our father’s work. His paintings inspire us.


Bekseit Tyulkiyev was not only an artist but a professional athlete. He considered martial arts as some type of arts. He has achieved great results in this field as well. He was a well-known karate and wushu athlete, the first president of Kazakhstan’s Taekwondo Federation. The artist was also awarded with the title of laureate of the Lenin Komsomol Prize.



- His works still capture attention with their vigor and coloring. He was a unique colorist and a true painter. He was one of those representatives of Kazakhstan art who wanted to bring our painting to the global level.


Artists say the creative path of the artist Bekseit Tyulkiyev is one of the most interesting in Kazakhstan's fine arts. He lived a short but interesting life. His vivid works still catch the eyes of connoisseurs of beauty and art.

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