Ancient Kazakh recipes are reviving in Kazakhstan. The newly opened Kazakh national cuisine center in Aktau offers delicious kombe, kazy karta, buzhy, shuzhyk and much more. The center’s dishes are cooked to ancient Kazakh recipes. Organizers believe that dishes cooked with love will make any feast memorable and will interest tourists who want to discover the ancient nomadic culture.



- In ancient times, there wasn’t any tablecloth; dough was rolled on a normal cloth. We do the same, as our great grandmothers did.


One can try something special here, for instance, zhoryk kuyrdak. This ancient Kazakh dish used to be cooked before military campaigns. Kazakh warriors believed that it gives them strength and endurance.



- I learnt the recipe of zhoryk from my grandmother. The seasoned meat is placed into a lamb’s stomach, boiled and then baked. The entire process takes about 7-10 hours. Me and my husband have been nurturing the idea bringing up old Kazakh recipes for long time. We wanted to break fast food habits, especially among young people, and turn them to Kazakh national cuisine that has many useful ingredients.


The national cuisine center offers 20 Kazakh traditional dishes that can hardly be found anywhere else. They are served with delicious talkan, tea, shubat, kurt and balgaimak. Local farmers deliver all dairy and meat products. The center’s representatives say that the revival of forgotten recipes will attract foreign tourists who want to learn about the history of the Kazakh people. The center provides mental food as well. Visitors can enjoy the sounds of dombra (Kazakh musical instrument) here. 

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