The Museum of the Library of the First President of Kazakhstan is hosting an exhibition of Ukrainian artist Galina Nazarenko. Exposition includes more than 50 Petrikivka paintings. This technique originated from mural decorations of village houses and is included in the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. It is not only folk art and national pride of Ukraine, but also modern painting, which continues to thrive and develop.



- These paintings have been seen in Portugal, China, many European countries. This is a native Ukrainian technique. It dates back to the 18th century. As far as I know, Kazakhstani artists do not work in this technique. Therefore, the artist will hold a series of master classes.


Galina Nazarenko is one of the brightest representatives of modern Petrikivka painting. Each of her works conveys the originality and continuity the folk art’s best traditions. The artist glorifies her native land. The artist has decorated the interiors of the three churches and the Ukrainian Cultural Center in Paris. As Galina admits, some paintings are drawn in one day, but there are also complex ones, they require a year to be finished.



- Petrikivka painting displays the soul of the Ukrainian people - open, bright, and sincere. My mother and then various educational institutions encouraged me to paint. Petrikivka painting’s patterns and ornaments are taken from nature. Guilder rose is still drawn with a finger, brushes made out of cats' hair are used as well, but cats do not suffer at all. 


The exhibition is organized as part of the museum’s international project «Dialogue through culture» in association with the Embassy of Ukraine in Kazakhstan.

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