A new exhibition of famous Kazakh artist Bakhtybek Talkambayev opened at the Palace of Independence. The exposition features nearly 100 paintings made in a unique drawing technique ‘Universal Code’. The artist developed it 20 years ago. According to the artist, paintings do not just convey a secret message to mankind, but also establish a channel of communication with the energy of nature. The painter says that his pictures give people strength and can cure serious illnesses. Author's technique of art therapy has already gained fame around the world. The artist organized expositions in Turkey, Switzerland, Germany, France, Russia and Cyprus. The painter’s creativity was apprehended with admiration and some visitors even said they have experienced healing effect of art.



- Since I was a small kid, I was able to write fairy tales. Then these fairy tales led me to contact with supreme intelligence. I have been participating in exhibitions since the 1970s. I organized more than 50 personal exhibitions. Thank God, there are many people who know and welcome our methodology throughout the world.



- This technique helps artists to disclose their creative potential, and start growing spiritually. They start seeing everything through the prism of beauty. According to scientists, these works do have a healing effect.


Talkambayev’s pictures have many cosmic objects. The painter tries to unite the world’s confessions. Connection with the national culture can be traced in pictures as well. According to art critics, such technique can be regarded as an attempt to move away from the academic canons of European art.



- It seems to me that the exhibition of Bakhtybek Talkambayev emphasizes the fact that Kazakhs’ thinking is cosmic. And now we see these pictures, which depict the spiritual cosmos of a man. We understand that a person, in particular, Kazakhs know that space is home to people where they can create something new.


The European Academy of Natural Sciences presented Bakhtybek Talkambayev with Leonardo Da Vinci Award and the Certificate for special merits in the field of creativity; there are many other medals as well. The artist’s works have received international recognition and are kept in private collections in Japan, USA, England, France, Bulgaria, Norway, Turkey and CIS countries. 

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