The fifth musical contest named after Nurgissa Tlendiyev was held in Astana. Kuys, poems and romances of the great Kazakh composer were performed by about 50 musicians from Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Uzbekistan and Russia aged between 16 to 35 years old. The contestants competed for the main prize - the Astana Mayor’s Cup in such nominations as classical vocal, dombyra and conducting. Nurgissa Tlendiyev wrote more than 500 works in different genres. He also produced music for 100 performances, 40 plays and 20 films. Many of them have long become classics of the Kazakh scene and filmography. Nurgissa Tlendiyev was the first Kazakh composer to have been awarded the title of the People’s hero.



- If I did not know the title, I would have still understood what this music is about. This music is about nature. It is the Kazakh folk music. Having lived here, I felt the music. I got great pleasure. It seems to me that I really became more matured in three days more than in the last six months. The orchestra is so amazing, wonderful, professional and sympathetic.

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