Astana Theater “Zhastar” impressed the audience with an unusual play. The theater staged one-person show based on the work of Oralkhan Bokeyev “Insomnia”. The author, actor and at the same time the director of the premiere was Dauren Sergazin. He decided to convey the deep meaning embedded in the work to the audience through such unusual theatrical experiment.



- One-person show was staged for the first time in our theater. Such plays are very difficult both for spectators and actors. Through this play, we tried to convey a deep meaning not only through the plot, but also through the presentation of the play.


A young director Dauren Sergazin complemented Oralkhan Bokeyev’s “Insomnia” with ten of his own author’s songs. The music helped him to unfold the storyline that narrates about the carefree life of a young man. The character’s thoughtless actions affect people around him and ruin his own life.



- This work will be interesting for young people. It tells the story of life, which is relevant at present. The story tells that one bad, rash act can affect one’s life. A person will have to face consequences.


To enhance the effect, it was decided bring the actor and the audience in one place. Therefore, those who came to watch the play were sat right on the stage. Sophisticated audience warmly welcomed the unusual approach. According to spectators, the play left strong impression and made them think about the meaning of life.



- Dauren Sergazin demonstrated his versatility today. This is a great achievement for the actor, to show his skills at such a high professional level.

- I arrived from Aktobe to Astana to see this premiere. The play is very intersting and makes you think about the meaning of life.

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