The Astana Opera’s Symphony Orchestra is extending its repertoire. The great "Symphony number two" by Gustav Mahler was performed on the theatre’s stage. Grandiose premiere was presented by world’s famous conductor Alan Buribayev. The famous maestro has repeatedly performed the works of Mahler in the best international venues. He always wanted to introduce genius composer’s music to the Kazakh audience because Mahler’s symphonies are among the world’s best classical compositions.



- You don’t need to have sophisticated taste to fall in love with Mahler’s music. This is the day when our orchestra is performing Symphony № 2 by Gustav Mahler. It brings the orchestra to a new level because this composition is technically hard to perform.


Symphony № 2 by Gustav Mahler is about afterlife, meaning and value of human life. In fact, it is music of global, cosmic ideas. Captivating from the first seconds, the composition combines high and low notes. Such a spontaneous change of musical pace in Mahler’s music signifies the manifestation of human thoughts and feelings.



- Any musician dreams about performing Mahler's Second Symphony. Still, this composer is very complicated, his music is not so simple in terms of character, it's not just music - it's a state of mind, philosophical attitude to life.


The performance of Mahler’s Symphony № 2 involved a record number of musicians: twice more members of Astana Opera Symphony Orchestra, the theatrical choir, famous opera prims Maira Mukhamedkyzy and Dina Khamzina. This concert became a landmark, which raised musicians’ professionalism.


Astana Expo 2017 visitors will be able to enjoy one of the most monumental works of Gustav Mahler. The Astana Opera Symphony Orchestra is preparing to present the legendary Symphony No. 8, which is also called "Symphony of the Thousand". It has become the most ambitious and the very last creation of the genius composer.

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