A theater festival was held in Almaty. This year it was dedicated to the 100th birth anniversary of People's Artist of the USSR, actress, Khadisha Bukeyeva. She was able to play any character: starting from Diana by Lope de Vega, Eliza by Moliere, Queen Marguerite by Shakespeare and ending with Beatrice by Goldoni. Khadisha Bukeyeva won spectators’ hearts with genuine sincerity. Her acting could make any novel’s character alive. The actress was known outside the Soviet Union. She has always been a humble person despite her outstanding talent. Her colleagues say she was kind hearted and always looked after everyone.


- She had inherent intelligence. She received a good education in Leningrad and was influenced by such mentors as Meyerhold and Merkuriev. Khadisha had never raised her voice. She was very kind to her mentees.

Khadisha Bukeyeva was genuine. This quality let her shine on stage for so long - after all, spectators would have felt the falsity. Always extremely elegant, beautiful and well-groomed, the actress was enjoying the love of her fans.


- The last role Khadisha Bukeyeva played was the wife of the professor from the play by Kalikhan Iskakov. I played the role of the professor. She was 84. I remember she said ‘look at my walk!’ when she was on stage. She was really graceful even at that age.

She was performing until her last breath. Theatre was a life for her and she was an unrivaled performer.

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