Stylish national jewelry, Kazakh blankets, eco-friendly tableware for beshbarmak (Kazakh national dish): a dynasty of craftsmen breathed a new life into Kazakh traditional household objects. Craftsmen amaze foreign visitors with their ware. Tourists appreciate their products for the special technique and elegance. Tursynai Orazova makes silver jewelry inlaid with gemstone.


- Tourists bought lots of souvenirs during their visit. Our products are now in demand among locals as well. They mainly buy things with Kazakh ornaments as a present.

When making jewelry, Tursynay takes into account even the state of health of the customer and his or her age: the older a customer, the thinner the line and more complex the filigree. Other members of the talented family are crafty as well. For example, a mom Ninagul Zhumaniyazova has been doing needlework for four years. Her needlework is so in demand that orders come from distant regions. The work is in full swing at home: patterns and design are born, details of future dresses and blankets are sewed. Ninagul’s daughters-in-law are helping her.


- Sometimes we even have to sew for several hours non-stop. We have lots of orders, enough to fend for ourselves.

Craftsmen use only natural raw materials. The sons of the family make furniture from the tree karagach. The main purpose of the family craft is to revive Kazakh national art and make it available for foreign visitors.

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