The Shakespeare's work was performed in an unusual interpretation on the stage of the Gorky Theater in Astana. Romeo and Juliet was staged with a happy ending. The play directed by Nurlan Assanbekov is a talented author's interpretation of the famous story that alleged took place in Verona. All the acts of the play are presented in the form of dreams of the main characters; therefore, the plot of the new play is fundamentally different from the classical one.



We stay alive in the play, well, because it's a dream, and the end is happy, where we love each other. This gives great sense of optimism and bright future for the audience. 


The most memorable and spectacular acts were the parts depicting battles and family feuds. Stage fights in a play were directed by Nurbek Bolotov - a famous stuntman, film and theater actor, participant of films “Nomad”, "Mongol" and "Racketeer".


In the play, the young people of the Montagues and the Capulets are represented in two street gangs. Rage and reckless bravery are conveyed in a lively and easy manner. According to the actors, their performance will be of particular interest to the younger generation, due to its non-classical approach.



I think that these performances are very important for young people. There is a kind of live, direct communication, interactive, where viewers can watch in a live stage.


According to the director of the play, Nurlan Assanbekov, Shakespeare wrote a brilliant play, and the theater troupe tried to convey its own interpretation of the tragedy. Shakespeare is not out of date, he is modern, he is creative, his works can be staged in different ways, the director believes. The theatre gave the world’s saddest story a happy ending.

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