Astana can be righteously called the city of peace, according to the South Korean artist Sang Bok Lee. She discovered Kazakh capital recently when she learned about the international exhibition Expo 2017 in Astana. Now she wants to visit Astana. Mrs. Sang Bok Lee loved drawing since her childhood. The artist chooses natural paper made of bamboo on the ancient Korean technology as the canvas for most of her paintings. The works of Mrs. Lee feature various colors: there are black-and-white pictures as well as bright colors.



I have always been interested in the themes of peace. I believe that everything around us and people are interrelated not only with each other but also with the space. I paint the sky, the earth and the people in the form of circles and horizontal lines, as well as in the form of Yin Yang symbol. As you know, it is also depicted on the Korean flag. All this symbolizes harmony. Through my paintings I want to show that only by uniting together we have the power to prevent war and live in peace and harmony with each other.


Today, Mrs. Lee is one of the leading painters of Korea. The main theme of her paintings is harmony. The artist says that all people on the planet are linked by invisible threads. The world peace depends on how strong these threads are.



I heard that the capital of Kazakhstan will host the Peace Summit in November this year. I know that Kazakh president supports the idea of peace in the world, trying to bring to this issue the entire world community. This theme is close to me, because in my works I also strive to convey this idea. I know that Kazakhstan has conducted nuclear tests, but after gaining independence, the state renounced nuclear weapons. This fact influenced me so that I became interested in Kazakhstan. I saw in the Internet the building of Palace of Peace and Reconciliation, where there is a large round. I thought it is the right place where talks about creation of world peace should be held.


The artist demonstrates her extraordinary paintings not only in Korea. She had already held several exhibitions abroad, including the famous pavilions of France and U.S. Now the artist has a great desire to showcase her pieces to Kazakh art connoisseurs. The artist believes that it is in Astana – in the city of peace - her paintings will be not only highly valued but also understood.




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