10th theater season has started in the youth theater ‘Zhastar’. The anniversary season started with a performance of Shyngys Aitmatov and Abish Kekilbaev’s ‘Genghis Khan.’  The play directed by the honored culture worker of Kazakhstan  Nurkanat Zhakypbay is a signature production of the youth theatre. Back in 2007, it was this performance that the theater gave when it just opened. The leading actor of the play is a famous Kazakh actor Adil Akhmetov.



When I first played Genghis Khan, I was 22 years old. I had little experience. My acting teacher Nurkanat Zhakypbay helped me hone my skills. 10 years have passed since. Of course, life experience has helped become a better actor. Many believe, Genghis Khan was a bloodthirsty, cruel leader. However, through a play you can see that Genghis Khan was also a noble, honest man who loved his people.


The theatre troupe has performed the play extensively both at home and on international stages. The theatre was even awarded a special prize for a spectacular interpretation of a poetic parable at Belarus theatre festival called a "White Tower". Among other recognitions, nominations for a Best Director, Best Portrayal of Genghis Khan at the 3rd Central Asian theatre festival are most notable. However, recognition of the devoted audience is the most valuable reward, the theatre actors say. In the new season, the theatre has prepared many new premieres.



We are premiering Abish Kekilbayev’s ‘Abylaikhan’ on the 25th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s independence. On one hand, it’s a great honor for us, but on the other hand, a big responsibility. This is a big topic. It was written in a unique style, in Abish Kekilbaev’s style. In November, we will premiere the play. 

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