St. Petersburg State Academic Ballet Theatre of Boris Eifman is on tour in Astana. For the first time, Astana Opera House visitors witnessed the ballet production of ‘Eugene Onegin’ a novel by Alexander Pushkin  in verse to the music of Tchaikovsky and Sitkovetsky. Heroes of ‘Eugene Onegin’ are iconic characters of our time living at the turn of the century and passed through a disturbing time of change. Unusual combination of works by Pyotr Tchaikovsky and rock music of Alexander Sitkovetsky allows viewers to feel the concept of choreographer, critics say. Astana audience is already familiar with the works of the master, as Boris Eifman’s ballet ‘Rodin’ is being performed by the Astana Opera House artists with great success for the third season.



Our team is worried about today’s performance, because we are going to show ‘Eugene Onegin’ in Astana Opera for the first time. This is a new horizon for us and such events are always exciting for us. I know that Astana audience already knows ‘Rodin’ and so people are familiar with our style and choreography.

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