About 2,000 people participated in a charity color run marathon in Astana. Runners begin dressed in clean white T-shirts, and then pass through five color stations, where colored powders are thrown at them from different sides. In general, the color run marathon participants run for about three kilometers. According to organizers, the race is not about the speed. The goal of the event is to promote the healthy lifestyle. In addition, all of the funds raised in the marathon will be directed for the landscape maintenance of the capital.



In 2016, in Almaty, we slightly changed our goals. This year we started landscaping the parks, not just planting trees. We hope that the raised funds would suffice in Astana. We intend to improve some of the parks. We will plant trees as in years before.


History of the color run marathon started in India. People marked their spring holiday and throw colored powder at each other. Today such marathons have become very popular all over the world.


The most spectacular event of the summer ended with an entertainment show and dances. And even the sudden rain did not spoil anything but only helped to wash off the paint, giving, thus, freshness that participants wished for.

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