Thousands of Astana residents took part in the Festival of Contemporary Art «Astana Art Fest». The grand event kicked off today along "Nurzhol" boulevard. The visitors can see about 50 works of famous Kazakhstani artists, designers and architects. «Energy Soz" interactive installation has attracted many people. According to its creators, the main idea of the project is to charge people with positive energy of words in different languages.




Words become reality. Thoughts come into our minds and set the keywords that are powerful themselves. Passers look at each tape, read through what is written on it. And then we say "you can go and make a wish" inside the tunnel. Then they touch the bells, sit at the table and write their wishes.


It is noticeable that celebration of Astana Day lasts three days. Variety of competitions, master classes and creative workshops are included in the program. Street theater performances are emphasized this year, which are popular around the world today. Dance shows and musical performances will delight visitors.




I really like it because I really appreciate the art, especially sculpture. I really liked the sculpture, which combined give a total picture. It is wonderful that there are still people who continue to create and delight our view. Perhaps, it inspire someone to create something on their own. 



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