Today is the 80th anniversary of the famous Kazakh documentary filmmaker Vyacheslav Belyalov. He has filmed dozens of documentaries about the wildlife in Kazakhstan and was awarded the State Prize of the Kazakh SSR. His awards and diplomas from various festivals could be enough to hold a whole exhibition. Friends and relatives of Vyacheslav Belyalov organized the exposition dedicated to the memory of the master at the Zhurgenov Kazakh National Academy of Arts. From the young age, Belyalov dreamed of becoming a cinematographer, he worked on television. But his real talent was revealed in the motion pictures. He was fond of alpinism, climbing with a heavy camera on the mountain peaks, he spent weeks in a tent filming rare birds and animals.



Initially the attitude towards his films was contagious, in fact, no one could remain indifferent because he was happy when a new chicken was born he would watch the birds for months. Now, no one does such sort of work thoroughly and in such detail, no one cares of birds as much as he did.





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