Zhanar Dugalova: «I dedicate this victory to the Head of State»

Zhanar Dugalova: «I dedicate this victory to the Head of State»

In November 21 Kazakhstani  singer Zhanar Dugalova became the winner of the Turkvizyon-2014 contest which took place in Kazan city, Tatarstan. She performed with the song «Іzіn korem», which translates as «I see traces», ie. the traces of the ancestors, and scored a total of 225 points out of 240 possible. «The meaning of the song is that even if we live in the modern world, we must not forget that we are the descendants of great men such as Abai, Zhambyl. We should remember where we are and who we are,» - said Dugalova. It is interesting to note that the composition was written by Zhanar herself in collaboration with singer-improviser Rinat Zaiytov. «This competition was held on the eve of the Day of the First President of Kazakhstan, so I dedicate this victory to the Head of State», - said Zhanar.

«Turkvizyon» is branded as an alternative to «Eurovision» for the Turkic world. The audience of the competition is about 300 million people. The competition was attended by 25 countries and regions in total with predominantly Turkic population or in which Turkic languages are widespread. Unlike the format of Eurovision, next year the contest cannot be held in the winner country.

Zhanar was born in January 18, 1987 in the city of Kyzylorda. She graduated from the Zhurgenov T. Kazakh National Academy of Arts. In February 2012, she came into the new girls band «KeshYou» together with Aidana Medenova and Kamshat Zholdybaeva. And in April 20 of the same year the first music video of the new vocalists appeared on domestic TV channels. Before she got into «KeshYou» band Zhanar has been studying singing and choreography for six months.

Viewers could see Zhanar Dugalova earlier in the continuation of the comedy «Cocktail for a Star» produced by Bayan Yesentayeva. The film «Cocktail for a Star-2» was released in 2011and became the second best-selling DVD in Kazakhstan. Dugalova played the role of a young singer Zhadyra, who replaced another signer Moldir Auelbekova when she lost her voice. Meanwhile, just after Dugalova came to the casting, the team had the idea to do the second part of the movie.

In addition, Zhanar Dugalova was qualified for the international competition «Slavic Bazaar-2012» as a representative from Kazakhstan, but refused to participate in this event. According to her producer, Dugalova is already a successful performer who has been participating in a various competitions for five years, so it was decided to spend more time creating.

Zhanar Dugalova sings, writes songs and poems, she appeared in films, was a soloist at the best girls band of the republic «KeshYou» and within a group became the winner of the Eurasian Music Prize and Prize «Astana zhuldyzy» as the best female pop band. In the summer of 2014 Zhanar Dugalova left the group and began her solo career.  This year Zhanar recognized as the best singer of the year and became the owner of «Astana zhuldyzy -2014».