Astana hosted a Chinese film festival. The event is timed to the international exhibition. Visitors have seen six Chinese motion pictures which include a thriller with the legendary Jackie Chan. The well-known actor, stuntman, screenwriter, and idol of millions, has personally presented the screening of his film. According to the legendary artist, he accepted the invitation to visit Kazakhstan with great pleasure. Jackie Chan also shared secrets of his popularity, and why his films always resonate with a spectator.



- A huge number of people are watching my films around the world. I think this is because the films don’t have a language barrier. So that you can easily watch a movie without sound and understand its meaning.


According to Jackie Chan, he has long dreamed of coming to Kazakhstan. The actor and director is also thinking about shooting a film here.



- I have heard a lot about Kazakhstan, about beautiful nature and rich natural resources. To be honest, I have always had a dream to come to Kazakhstan and shoot a film here. In the future, I’m planning to come here and to make my dream come true. In fact, I'm a little scared because I can come here and spoil your Kazakh nature with my stunts.


The Chinese film festival is held in Kazakhstan for the first time. Next year, the festival will include Kazakh films. Chinese and Kazakh filmmakers want to collaborate and make joint motion pictures.

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