Two Kazakh motion pictures "Kunanbay" and "Nut Tree" took part in the 7th International Beijing Film Festival. Works of Kazakh filmmakers were presented in categories "The Best Picture on the Silk Road" and "Panorama". The films featured subtitles in English and Chinese. Critics, general public and cultural figures of the Celestial Empire seemed to have enjoyed the films.

The film about the father of the great Kazakh philosopher and poet Abai was released in 2015. At the international festival in Ufa the motion picture won the "National spirit" nomination. The film has also earned acclaim among Kazakh critics.



 - Within the framework of the main program there is a competition dedicated to historical films,  it is titled the Silk Road category. We competed in it. We will learn about the results later.  However, the fact that a Kazakh film entered into a competition at a film festival was a big event for many ethnic Kazakhs living in China. This pleases us.


Meanwhile, "Nut Tree" received the main prize in the "New Currents" category in South Korea. In the French Vezula the picture was awarded two prizes: a recognition by film critics noting "A lively and bold portrayal of rural life" and a special award from an international jury.

The Beijing International Film Festival is held by the Department of Communications, Radio, Cinematography and Tv Channels of China. The competition has already become one of the most prestigious film festivals in Asia. This year, 30 cinemas of Beijing will screen five hundred pictures as part of the festival.

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