The first historical feature animated film «Qazaq eli» is selected in the official Asian Film Festival competitive program which will take place in Barcelona (Spain) from November 4 to November 13, reports.


Work on promotion of the animation movie at the international festivals is carried out by a film studio «Kazakhfilm» of Shaken Aymanov.


Animated film «Qazaq eli» shot by «САҚ-Дала» film studio by request of the Ministry of Culture and sport of Kazakhstan narrates about the childhood and the period of a growing of future khans – Zhanibek and Kerey who created the Kazakh Khanate 550 years ago. The boundless Kazakhstan steppes, picturesque mountains and ancient cities of Syganak, Otyrar, Taraz and Turkestan located along a route of the Great Silk way are showed in cartoon.


About 80 movies from 20 Asian countries will be provided in a film festival. In the competitive Movies from China, Korea, Iran, Philippines, Singapore, Afghanistan, New Zealand, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam will be competed with the Kazakhstan cartoon in «Ponorama» program.


Animated film «Қазақ елі» was released in May, 2016. 2D and 3D animations were used in creation of cartoon. Minister for Culture and Sports Arystanbek Mukhamediuly, doctor of historical sciences Zhambyl Artykbai and writer Dulat Isabekov became the main consultants of the movie.

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