The film about the triumph in Paris in 1925 of the Kazakh singer Amre Kashaubayev will be shot. Kazakhfilm will realize the “Amre’ project together with Hollywood producer and Oscar winning director. This picture will be one of the first projects implemented in the framework of the new format film production of Kazakhstan and the U.S.


The film tells the story of a bright, but a short and mysteriously cut short life of dramatic tenor Amre Kashaubayev. 36 year –old singer presented the world’s first vocal performance art of the Kazakhs and the national instrument dombra at the World Music Competition in France. In Paris Amre sparked a furor. He won a silver medal and got the second place. The film also tells about the fateful meeting of Amre and Mustafa Shokay and, with jazz genius George Gershwin. Moreover, the film is full of life hardships at home after his returning. The film is featured by the Kazakh songs from his repertoire such as ‘Balkadisha’, ‘Surzhekey’, ‘Ush dos’, ‘Dudarai’, ‘Zhalgyz arsha’, ‘Bes karager’, ‘Agash ayak’ and ‘Ay-ay bopem’. The role of Amre was performed by the Kazakh star Sanzhar Madiyev. The shooting also involved popular British actor Ben Aldridge and American actress Abbie Cornish. Filming scenes were take place in Europe and started in Latvia at the end of July and would be completed in early September in Almaty. 



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