Khan-Atlas – lord of silk

Khan-Atlas is thick luxury silk with a special pattern and unique coloring. This fabric has long become a business card of Uzbekistan. It also has its own legend. Once, a master who created the khan-atlas was asked: "How did you do it?” and to which he replied "I took a leaf, added to it color of petals of tulips, the blush of dawn, blue of night sky and glitter of the eyes of my beloved girl ..."

The fabrication process is very complex and time-consuming. There are 40 stages of work to finish this product of the handmade category. Despite its thickness, a person wearing the Khan-Atlas can stay cool in hot weather. This is another reason why it is so popular in Uzbekistan. Cut-outs of the Khan-Atlas are an obligatory part of a dowry of an Uzbek bride. The noble material is in demand among all fashion designers. Every year, Uzbekistan hosts a festival of the Khan-Atlas, where dozens of young designers represent a collection of clothes made of this national fabric.