Review on Central Asia - Kazakh TV

Uzbekistan is developing the local manufacturing content of textile equipment. This is reported by the Uzbek national news agency. Tashkent hosted the opening of a high-tech metal processing plant. The enterprise will manufacture parts for the textile industry and spare parts for vehicles. The amount of foreign investment totaled about US$4 million. The enterprise is capable of processing 760 tonnes of metal per year manufacturing various parts of any complexity for the machine-tool industry.


Beijing hosted the opening of Turkmenistan’s first ‘Silk Road’ visa center, the Central Asian News Service reported. The center will provide integrated services for the prompt and proper preparation of a package of necessary documents for obtaining any category of visas to Turkmenistan. According to the organizers, establishment of the center falls in line with the development strategy of the One Belt, One Road initiative and will contribute to the growth of tourism and cultural cooperation.


More than 700 artists from all regions of Kyrgyzstan are involved in preparations to the performances to be held as part of the World Nomad Games, news agency reported. The large-scale event will be held in early September. The artists have already started rehearsing in two locations, such as Bishkek and Issyk-Kul region. The program of the Games is full of theatrical acts and historical performances.

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