Kazakh Government invites the European Union to focus on developing businesses together as part of the New European Union (EU) Strategy for Central Asia. News portal Sputnik Tajikistan’ reported that topics such as education, digital economy and the rights of women are also included in the strategy. High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Federica Mogherini said the New EU Strategy for Central Asia will be implemented starting 2019.


A national operator of the main gas pipeline in Kazakhstan has been appointed. According to news portal, ‘Cental Asia Monitor’ the operator will ensure the innovative development of the main gas pipeline system as well as its integration into the world energy system.


Crypto-currency trade is legalized in Uzbekistan. The activity of digital currency exchange will be subjected to licensing. News portal, ‘Central Asia Monitor’ reported that the new decree was signed by the President of Uzbekistan. One of the main tasks to accelerate the development of digital economy in Uzbekistan is the adoption and development of crypto-currency sector including mining, smart contracts and crowd funding. The blockchain technology is planned to be adopted into the activity of the Uzbek Government starting January 1, 2021.


The Asian Development Bank will provide US$41 million to Tajikistan for water supply improvement. The project will be the first in the urban sector of the country to finance the restoration of water supply and sewerage facilities. The fund will be provided as a technical assistance of the bank for the development of the project.


Kyrgyzstan participated in the Central Asian Youth Forum in Uzbekistan. Round table discussions on the role of youth in the development of science, education and culture in the region were held at the event. At the end of the forum, a declaration was signed and the Plan of Measures on Cooperation of the Central Asian States in Youth Development 2018-2021 was established.

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