The Chinese and Uzbek archeologists are studying the historical sites of Central Asia. The joint work is aimed at the search for the trails of the ancient kingdom. According to experts, nearly two and a half thousand years of civilization lie beneath the soil. The ancient pipeline system for pumping drinking water was one of the key findings. According to the Chinese archeologist Lin Lingmei, this suggests that a lot of people once lived here. It is an ancient state covering the Central and Eastern parts of the Fergana Valley. Scientists suggest that people left the area because of wars and conflicts. 


- It was continuously used until a certain century AD. People think that after the conquest of Genghis Khan it was abandoned, but actually archeologists think that besides this reason; maybe some other important reasons also caused people to leave. I was always hoping to do some excavation and study in Central Asia.

The experts will hand over the recovered antiquities to a specially established museum in Uzbekistan. For example, these broken dishes are over 2,000 years old. Inspired by the items, the director of the archeological institute, where the exhibition hall is located is especially proud of the shards of a furnace. According to the expert, it was used for making weaponry.    


- The oven was heated up to 1,700°С. It is for this reason that they could make steel here. The steel were produced with great difficulty and the technologies were kept strictly secret.  

According to scientists, this region was the meeting place for traders and warmongers from China, Europe and South Africa for thousands of years. The main assumption that is expected to be proved or disproved is that the capital of the ancient country Dayuan was located here. Dayuan was the integral part of the common history of the Central Asian countries.

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