Kyrgyz government plans to introduce an electronic format into the work of their government bodies - Kazakh TV

The Kyrgyz government plans to introduce an electronic format into the work of their government bodies and businesses. The project is called ‘Taza koom.” It helps solving not only domestic issues but also allows participating in the future digital space of the Eurasian Economic Union. According to the plan, all the government bodies will be working in the electronic format by 2023.


- We are switching to a new format of interactions between citizens and government bodies. I think that it is a very important project, because many people complain that it takes a long time for our government bodies to review documents.

One billion dollars will be allocated to finance the “Taza Koom” project. Kyrgyz officials plan to attract foreign investors to implement this project. The World Bank is ready to allocate 50 million dollars. Last year Kazakhstan’s “Center of Electronic Commerce” won a tender to implement a financial organization project. Kazakhstan’s center will provide consulting services in developing a state procurements information system that will be adapted for use in Tajikistan.


- As for the Internet coverage in Kyrgystan, the 2016 results showed that 30 people out of 130 are covered by the Internet and according to the 2017 results this number is 40 people. It is 70 people in neighboring Kazakhstan. So we need to increase the Internet access.

According to experts’ estimates, introduction of the digital economics standards in the EAEU countries will allow to increase GDP by twenty percent since there will be less barriers and obstacles on the way of trade interaction. And work of the intergovernmental bodies and businesses will be more transparent and efficient. That is why the digital economics is called the “new industrial revolution.”

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