Green economy projects area actively implemented in Kazakhstan - Kazakh TV

Green economy projects are actively implemented in various sectors in Kazakhstan. Renewable energy is mostly being used in the agricultural sector. More than 100 farms in West Kazakhstan are using solar generators. The Government provides 80 per cent of cost reimbursement to farmers that switch to renewable energy. To date, 281 million Tenge were paid as part of the investment program subsidy. Cattle farmers in Akzhayik, Zhanibek and Bukeyorda districts have transitioned to alternative sources of electricity. Specialists said more farmers will soon use solar energy. Solar panels and generators produce more energy and reduce operational cost.


 - The cost of one piece of equipment ranges between 900,000 and 3 million tenge depending on capacity and consumption. This equipment fully covers the electricity and water demand in the facility. Previously we use pumps to lift water and refrigerators are required for the farm’s operations. 

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