Development of the agro-industrial complex is the main priority for Kazakhstan. Local farmers intend to use modern innovations in order to increase competitiveness in world markets. Three large national scientific centers of the republic signed an agreement on unification. According to the agreement, scientists will jointly implement advanced technologies in the agricultural sector. This will increase productivity and improve the quality of the crops over the next five years.

Moreover, the country plans to use genomic certification of crops and animals. This is necessary in order to identify the genetic potential of each species. In addition, Kazakhstan will massively introduce molecular or DNA markers. Training of qualified specialists in the agro-industrial sector will be one of the focus of the industry.


-  Thanks to the creation of the consortium, we have two specialists from Germany who have the technologies. We also attract experts from Canada and Mexico. Canada is now actively applying zero tillage technology. At present, 2.5 million hectares of land have been cultivated in Kazakhstan using this technology. By combining this system and new technologies, the harvest can be doubled.

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