Promotion of Kazakh goods for foreign markets - Kazakh TV

Kazakhstan widens its export network and list of exported goods. According to the National Center of Accreditation of the Committee of Technical Regulation and Metrology, the list of Kazakhstan’s export product is increased by 30 per cent annually. Certification of goods and compliance with global standards play an important role in the trade activity. In order to achieve international recognition, Kazakhstan joined the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation and the International Accreditation Forum. The country’s participation in these associations helps reduce the technical barriers to trade and increases the competitiveness of local exporters. Currently, Kazakhstan exports its products to China, Japan, Iran, Spain, Poland and the Commonwealth of Independent States.


 - When we joined the international organizations we followed the experience of Europe. Products made in Kazakhstan are in demand today. For the first time, we began to produce the General Electric locomotives, the Spanish Talgo trains and long-length rails of the Siemens Company. Today, mare's milk powder and solar batteries made in Kazakhstan are in demand overseas. This is a huge achievement for Kazakhstan.

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