Kazakh TV has launched the first TV project dedicated to the Astana International Financial Center - Kazakh TV

Kazakh TV has launched the first TV project dedicated to the Astana International Financial Center. It is the only program on Kazakh television entirely focused on the AIFC. The program covers the financial hub’s activities, including asset management, Islamic finance, Fintech and green finance. The program’s first episode presents the introductory information about the financial center, its structure and tasks. What is the development strategy for the AIFC? What are the initial steps that will allow the center to become an advanced regional platform, and then turn into a global one? The project journalists will provide answers to all these questions.


- Kairat Kelimbetov announced the establishment of the AIFC at a briefing. Our team thought that the project will be important. This program provides information on the AIFC. It’s a message for potential investors that such center exists in Kazakhstan. It’s a guide for them on various opportunities created here and the services provided for them.

The program’s authors believe that such advanced and breakthrough project as the AIFC is extremely important for the development of the Kazakh economy and the whole region. That’ why mass media needs to provide extensive coverage for the Financial Center. The project’s team is made up of the professionals including journalists with economic expertise. 


 - It’s not the first time we are working with economic content. Our journalists are experienced in covering such topics. Plus, the AIFC provides assistance for us as well. In these fifteen episodes, we will provide the information on all regulators, all activities in the AIFC in all areas. After the AIFC is launched we will probably cover their operations.     

The unique TV project will be aired on Kazakh TV several times a month in four languages. The journalists will provide the viewers with the most important and interesting information about the AIFC in the 15-minute program.

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