Shubat, traditional Kazakh drink made of camel’s milk is gaining popularity in the CIS countries. The local plant in the Ile district of the Almaty region annually produces more than 3500 tonnes of shubat and 500 tonnes of meat. One of the large farms in the region began to export its products to the CIS countries. For example, the plant exports to Russia nearly 15-20 tonnes of shubat per year. A couple of years ago, the enterprise began to produce bioshubat, another type of the sour milk drink. According to producers, due to its medical properties camel's milk is in special demand among consumers. The production of the drink is prioritized in the plant. Raw materials of the factory are checked in a laboratory and the production is fully automated.


 - In the summer, approximately 5-6 tonnes of milk were processed whereas nearly 2-3 tonnes of milk were processed in the winter. We export products not only to Kazakhstan’s regions but also we export to Russia and Belarus.

In the upcoming years, the company plans to expand the production base and volumes as well as to export products to the UK, New Zealand and other countries. Today, there are approximately 4000 camels in the farm and it is planned to increase the number of camels.


 - Shubat is our national product and domestic brand. However, in order to increase the shubat production, it is necessary to increase the number of livestock. Therefore, we need additional areas for grazing camels. Many years of experience proved that the industry is very profitable.

According to experts, camel breeding can become one of the leading areas of animal husbandry in Kazakhstan. Traditional drink shubat can become the country’s brand in foreign markets. 

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