Innovations in a judicial system and introduction of the international best practices are beneficial not only for Kazakhstan, but also for investors. Businessmen should be confident in the country’s stability and in security of their funds since they invest money in the country’s development. This is stated in the 23rd step of the Plan of the Nation. A special collegium has been created in the country under the supreme court, where disputes between large investors are examined according to the rules of the court of the first instance.


- According to the rules of the court of first instance, the Supreme Court and the court of the Astana city, the list of investors who have the right to apply for the court has already been determined and expanded. In addition, the adoption of a regulatory decision on the practice of considering investment disputes is scheduled for 2018 by the Supreme Court.

The specialized judicial board is confident that today investors are attracted to Kazakhstan not only by tax benefits, but also by legal protection. These components are fixed in the Plan of the nation, as a response to global threats.


- The development of trust or confidence for Kazakhstan will cause an inflow of investments. Thus, the inflow of investments is the creation of new jobs, increase of revenues and tax collections into the budget of Kazakhstan. Well, accordingly, this affects the quality of life of the Kazakh people.

As part of the 25th step of the Nation's plan under the Supreme Court, a council of foreign judges and lawyers was created to improve and modernize the judicial system. The system consists of 15 experts, including 8 national and 7 international specialists. By studying the jurisprudence of other states, the Kazakh lawyers will be able to learn to resolve complex cases.


- It is more than taking the international experience and applying it to our national legislation. It is about to what extent we can apply it to our national legislation, since we have our own peculiarities of state development and we must take this into account. Therefore, we cant take whole foreign institutions and force them into application. First and foremost, there is a question of implementation of certain norms, which can bring some positive results into our system.

Reforms aimed at ensuring the rule of law, including the establishment of a separate investment litigation in the country, a specialized judicial panel and the International Council under the Supreme Court, have already contributed to improving the investment climate. Thanks to this, Kazakhstan has become a member of the Investment Committee of Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. This shows compliance of the investment climate with the high standards of the OECD member countries.

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