The Shanghai Cooperation Organization has progressed during Kazakhstan’s chairmanship, economist, professor of Vesalius College in Brussels, Munira Aminova believes. According to her, the SCO summit held in Astana became a historical event because the SCO accepted India and Pakistan. The SCO now has nearly 40% of world’s population that let expand the sphere of influence and strengthen international authority.



 - India and Pakistan by joining Shanghai Cooperation Organization made the organization one of the largest Eurasian organizations of this kind. Put together the members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization now account to half of the world's population. Combined military and economic powers of India and Pakistan, this makes Shanghai Cooperation Organization very strong by itself also extending its security agenda of course. So for the countries themselves, I think this is a very positive step because they have a possibility to have a platform for a dialogue with each other. Given the history of strained relations this could be a positive start for them to be able to start a dialogue in this place of.

The expert noted that the SCO intends to further expand its activity. The inclusion of several observer states is under discussion.



 - So, one of the aims is to fight extremism, terrorism, separatism in the world. So for countries alone to fight those ills are very difficult. So getting together to tackle those issues is very notable. Naturally some countries join SCO or another aim and principle of SCO is that it is aiming to independence of the country in member states of SCO sovereignty and territorial integrity of these member states, non-use of force non-interference in internal affairs of countries member states are some of the principles mentioned in the charter of SCO which makes it very attractive for a lot of countries of course to join SCO.


In fact, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization is an effective platform for multidimensional interaction in particular for expansion of economic cooperation and trade.

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