Turnover between Kazakhstan and Romania made up $440 million in five months. According to Kazakh ambassador to Romania, Daulet Batrashev, Kazakhstan is a strategic partner for Romania. The European country has invested $830 million in Kazakhstan’s economy in eleven years since 2006. The diplomat says that additional increase in turnover was fostered by the acquisition of the Romanian "Rompetrol" by KazMunayGas national company. Five million tonnes of Kazakhstani oil is supplied annually to the plant. According to the ambassador of Kazakhstan, Romania can become an exporter of oil products to the neighboring European countries in the future. 



 - In December 2015, KazMunayGas International and a Chinese company CEFC (China Energy Company Limited) signed a memorandum on acquisition of 51% of Rompetrol shares by the Chinese side. Rompetrol operates in eight European countries; therefore these countries should give their approval for this agreement. The Chinese side is ready to invest $3 billion in the economy of Romania to increase the number of filling stations. They are planning to increase the processing volumes of Kazakh oil from 5 million to 10 million tons.


According to the diplomat, there are nearly 40 joint Kazakh-Romanian companies. Over 25 years, the countries have established the high level of mutual understanding on many issues. Coordination of efforts of the two countries in the UN, OSCE and other international organizations strengthens their cooperation.

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