Latvia, Belarus and Russia will be able to enjoy the taste of the new harvest of Kazakhstani melons and watermelons. Agricultural producers of Southern Kazakhstan are exporting the harvest of melons. This year, the volume is at 224,000 tons and the greater part has already been shipped. The abundance of spring rains and large fields for melons have led to success. Abdimalik Tortbayev is an economist by profession. He knows different sorts of melons and watermelons. He had studied the methods of cultivation for a long time. Eventually, he eventually chose to plant the Myrzashol melons and striped watermelons. The sorts ripen in 40 days and are well-kept during long-distance transportation.



- We try to sow watermelon and melon sorts in ways that allow to mature in stages. We are collecting early ripening melons in order to send them to the domestic market and to Russia. Then we will harvest the late-ripening species.


Every melon is sorted out and then is packed in special boxes. Mostly, fruits are small with a hard crust which is specifically done for export. The work continues almost the entire year.



- The Turkmen melon is in high demand and the jack sort is also sold well. Our goal is to deliver products to a consumer in a best possible way. Therefore, we try to put more than 5-6 pieces into the box.


This year, approximately 60,000 hectares of land are allocated for melon crops in the Maktaaral district. This is a way more comparing to the past years. Thanks to advanced technologies, farmers manage to harvest twice a year. This is profitable for agricultural producers. In general, it positively affects the region’s economy.

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