France is supporting modernization processes in Kazakhstan and strives to strengthen economic and cultural ties. French ambassador to Kazakhstan Francis Etienne highly appreciates strategic partnership and sees great prospects in the relations of the two countries. The European country is the third largest investor in Kazakhstan. The amount of investments in Kazakhstan’s economy exceeded $13 billion. French businessmen are mostly interested in projects in oil and gas, mining and energy sphere. Kazakhstan is France’s largest supplier of uranium. Around 150 companies with the participation of French capital work in Kazakhstan. Along with trade and economic ties, the countries are developing cooperation in education and culture.



 - We tried to establish cooperation in all spheres. 650 Kazakh students graduated from French universities this year. More than 30 memorandums have been signed between French and Kazakh schools and universities. Our national museums have close ties as well. Artists & Robots exhibition is one of the outcomes of such cooperation.


The ambassador has also emphasized that France and Kazakhstan have similar interests, in particular, in fight against terrorism and climate change. The ambassador noted that France supports Kazakhstan’s initiatives in international arena, its dynamism and activeness in the UN Security Council and the OECD committees.

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