The Kazakh gold mining companies have increased production. Enterprises are introducing new technologies, expanding the geography of sales markets and creating new jobs. One of the most important most important projects, the Kyzyl gold mine in the north-east of Kazakhstan includes the Bakyrchik and Bolshevik deposits. More than US$300 million has been invested in the project. At the end of next year, the first concentrate of gold ore is planned for extraction.



 - The future concentrate, which will be produced in Kyzyl, particularly in the east, 50% of its concentrate is going to be sent to China. This is a fairly new market for Russia and Kazakhstan. The remaining 50% is planned to be sent to Amur hydrometallurgical plant. Accordingly, Dore alloy will be taken from this concentrate and will be sent to our refinery for processing.


One of the company's promising projects is a gold-processing hub based on the Varvarinskoye deposit. It includes a quarry and a modern processing plant with a capacity of producing 4 million 200 thousand tons per year. The enterprise highlights that the production of gold will increase by 40% whereas the volume of ore processing will remain the same as it was in 2016.



- The Varvarinskoy factory produced 2.4 tons of gold last year. This year, taking into account the fact that we will attract ore with a richer content, it is expected to produce 3 tons and 800 kilograms of gold.


Meanwhile, the company believes that with the adoption of the new Code on Mineral Resources, Kazakhstan’s mining and metallurgical industry will become the leader in the entire post-Soviet space. The experts are positive about the innovations since the transition to the CRIRSCO international reporting system allows estimating reserves by international standards and granting subsoil use rights on the principle of "first come, first served". According to experts, innovations will attract more investors and advanced technologies to the country. Overall, this will not only incite the industry’s development, but will also be of great importance for the country’s economy.

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