Kazakh products are gaining entry into the Russian market niche. The first store of Baursak was opened in Moscow five years ago. Today, it is a network of eight stores in the capital and in the region. In September, the owners plan to open two more stores.Moreover, the business is developing by selling franchises under the Baursak brand. The franchise costs 400 thousand rubles, or around 2 million tenge. The first owners of the franchise plan to open a store in the Korolev region in Moscow.



 - We have good news , we got the first franchisee.  I'm very proud of this. We work with new suppliers, develop the range, advertise, and on the Internet we have a very good online store. We do meal delivery service.



 - When people find out that we are going to open a food store from Kazakhstan, they become very happy because they know about the product and they love it very much and wait for it. For the start, we will open one store but we have grandiose plans. Within a year of our activity we plan to open at least three stores.


Kazy, shuzhyk, kymyz, shubat. The store chain already has about two and a half thousand items of goods from forty Kazakh companies. There is everything from tea and sweets to frozen semi-finished products. Consumers admit that they come here for high quality food.



- The goods are superior to the ones from Moscow. The cookies are delicious. Well, I took everything here because of good quality.


Demand for the Kazakh goods is growing in other regions of the country. The opportunity to sell the Kazakh delicacies has already become popular in Ryazan, Astrakhan and Samara. Therefore, the network plans to open Baursaks throughout Russia. 

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