San Francisco hosted a forum of leading investors and entrepreneurs where they had discussions on future trends in technology investments. The Kazakh experts joined the discussions in the heart of the Silicon Valley, the world’s technology mecca. Start-ups and large tech companies exchanged new ideas on modernization of various industries.



- If you refer to the term "industrial revolution", then you can find its four turning points in history. The first revolution happened with the emergence of first steam engines, the second one is related to electricity and the third revolution is about the process automation. Today, there is a fourth revolution which implies the unification of different equipment and devices with an automated system so it is like the hyperphysical interaction.


Ruslan Yensebayev has worked in the IT industry for 12 years. He has been one of the main authors and developers of the e-government in Kazakhstan. His e-licensing project won first place at the World Summit on the Information Society in Geneva. At the forum in San Francisco, he talked about the Digital Mine project, which has been successfully implemented in Kazakhstan.



- Every well is equipped with a sensor. It collects information such as, what volume the well has produced and what the concentration of production waste is. We receive this information daily and make decisions based on the data the next day. The Kazakh President in his address to our people has spoken about industrial modernization as the first priority. We were pleased when this address came out since it entirely corresponds with our policies. We have mining and production companies. If today we don’t pay attention to technology, then tomorrow we are possibly at risk.


The transformation program implemented by Kazatomprom, first of all, has increased the production efficiency. According to experts, introduction of digital technologies has reduced the process of collecting information.

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