The International Centre for Cross Border Cooperation Khorgos is attracting more and more people and companies with its big trading platforms, wide range of product assortments, lower prices and high quality of goods. It received more than five million visitors last year and one million visitors since the beginning of the year.  Duty free shops are located in the area of more than five square kilometers, a third of which belongs to Kazakhstan and two thirds reside in China. There are more than 4,000 trading companies which employ over six thousand people. Foreign citizens can stay in the center’s territory for 72 hours without a visa.



- This spring the number of visitors has grown significantly compared to winter and the volume of sales has increased by 30%.



- We opened this shop 8 months ago and today our sales are doing well. However, we expect this summer the sales will increase.


Khorgos attracts investors, too. The companies that are engaged in the production of textiles, household goods, electronics and processors of agricultural products work in special economic and industrial areas. In addition, there are pharmaceutical companies as well as specialized companies in the fields of tourism, e-commerce, finance and logistics. Textile products take about 30% of exports of Khorgos. In 2016, there were 2,406 registered companies in Khorgos which means in average, there were six business projects registering a day, and in 2017, this figure increased to twenty.



 - Khorgos is one of the key areas of the One Belt, One Road project which attracts businessmen. Interest is caused by those privileges that we provide, particularly, geographic advantages, developed transport infrastructure. I think this place is a good chance for the opening of a business.


Lianyungang is another center of Kazakh-Chinese cooperation which is preparing to launch the second phase. The loading and unloading capacity of the center’s logistics is 410 thousand standard containers per year. Every week two express trains and more than a dozen regular trains pass through the terminal and run between Central, North-Eastern and South-East Asia. Recently, the first consignment of food grain went from Kazakhstan to South-East Asia through China.



 - Throughout the course of our work, we did not always distribute correctly our transport potential. We studied the market for a long time. This year, together with the Kazakh side, we decided to deliver wheat from Kazakhstan to Vietnam through China. Southeast Asia has always been famous for exporting rice, and there is little wheat there, and the demand for bakery products there is large. So we officially opened a transit corridor for the export of food grain from Kazakhstan to Southeast Asia through China.

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