Kazakhstan and France expand joint partnerships. A joint company producing the new generation radar equipment has been opened in Almaty. This is ‘first-of-its-kind’ project implemented in Central Asia. The project can cover the needs of the Kazakh military and of the countries of the region. In addition to this, French investors are planning to launch joint companies with Kazakhstan in the agro-industrial complex and in uranium mining. Implementation of these projects will continue despite the change of power in France. According to French ambassador Francis Etienne, political policy of a newly elected president, Emmanuel Macron, will lead to a further continuance of the friendly relations between the countries.



- With newly elected president Emmanuel Macron, we continue to support our open relation with the rest of the world. In the upcoming five years we intend to develop mutually beneficial relationship with Kazakhstan. We still have a common ground for cooperation. In the upcoming EXPO 2017, France will introduce advanced development in renewable energy industry. We think that they can find its continuance in joint projects.


In the last five years, France invested around US$11.5 billion in the Kazakh economy. Today there are 300 companies operating in Kazakhstan based on French financing. Last year trade turnover between the two countries exceeded US$1 billion. 

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