One of the main driving forces for growth of Kazakhstan's economy in 2016 was the construction industry. Growth in this sector contributed to an increase in the capacity of the construction companies. The enterprises managed not only to cover the needs of the domestic market, but also enter the international market. For example, a plant in Kapshagai produces 25 million square meters of drywall and one hundred thousand tons of construction mixtures per year. It has customers in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.



- We work around the clock, in full volume, so that shows and gives tangible results. 


There are 48 industrial enterprises, of which 10 are export-oriented, in the small town Kapshagai near Almaty. One of the most successful enterprises is the factory for production of Styrofoam. If ten years ago it produced three hundred cubic meters of products, now production totals almost one and a half thousand cubic meters. The enterprise supplies finished products not only to the Kazakh market of, but also of the countries of Central Asia. Next year an additional production line will be launched here.



- Production in connection with demand is increasing, and the export of supplies is also increasing, it is all due to the fact that the construction industry in Kazakhstan is in good shape at the moment.


A new technology for packing viscous road bitumen was presented at the Aktau plant. Now the building materials are packed in one-time packaging known as the "big bags". The use of packaged products allows not only to preserve the quality of the materials, but also to save on logistics due to ease of delivery and storage. In addition, because of such packaging, the producers save electric energy.



- Traditional means of bitumen supply in our country means railway tanks and motor transport, which entails loss of quantity, additional energy consumption when the bitumen is heated, draining it into the bitumen storage. This packaging allows preserving bitumen’s physical and chemical properties up until the moment of its application in the asphalt-concrete mixture. "Big bags" can withstand 140 degrees.


Last year, the Aktau bitumen plant produced 111,000 tonnes of materials, which is about 400 kilometers of roads. Today the plant's products are supplied to construction of the international highway "Western Europe-Western China".

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