The number of joint ventures and enterprises with foreign capital is growing in Kazakhstan. One of such enterprises is Atyrau concrete plant with the output of 200 metric tonnes of concrete products per day. The plant is a joint project of Kazakhstan and the United States.



 - We have built a concrete plant considering the future expansion of the Tengiz field. The production capacity and quality of the produced concrete meets all the requirements of the customer. During the construction phase, 500 people were employed, after the commissioning, 30 specialists will work here on an ongoing basis. We are confident that we are able to carry out a project of any complexity.


The share of Kazakhstani service companies in the oil and gas industry is growing every year. According to the customers, work and services provided by the domestic enterprises are of high quality. The customers trust the local companies for construction of plants and further maintenance of facilities.



- The entire process of concrete production is controlled automatically. Recipes are crammed into the computer, load cells weigh the necessary amount of inert material, astringent, water and chemical additives and all of this is mixed in a mixer.

A joint Kazakh-French plant for production of new generation radar equipment has been opened in Almaty region. Stations for reconnaissance and airspace control are already used in Germany, Canada, and Finland. Recently, the North Atlantic Alliance has purchased 10 sets at once. Production in Kazakhstan was set up in 2014 and all the facility has been testing the prototypes. One of the radar systems of local production has been in use in Astana for three years. Another one will be launched in Karaganda soon. In total, the plant will produce four stations a year. The maximum radius of surveillance is 500 km.



 - The station is on duty around the clock. The equipment is reliable, covering the entire central part of the republic.

Next stations will be sent to the west of the country for protection of the Caspian region. Such a project is being implemented for the first time in Central Asia. The plant will not only manufacture air control stations for Kazakhstan’s needs, but also build exports. 

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