Kazakhstan is planning to increase food exports by 40% by 2021. Genetically modified organism free food products made in Kazakhstan are in high demand abroad. Israel shows a special interest in the cooled Kazakh meat. The countries have already signed the two-year Cooperation Roadmap. It is a meet export agreement, in particular for mutton and beef. Kazakhstan and Israel are also planning to build a demonstration farm in southern Kazakhstan with the latest technologies in agriculture.


- There are strict regulations on veterinary services in Israel. However, Israeli and Kazakh Ministers of Agriculture agreed that the two countries’ veterinary services will lift the barriers and come to the consensus.

Another Kazakh product has triggered unprecedented interest among foreign businessmen. A number of companies from China, Japan, the U.S. and Europe want to purchase dry mare milk "Saumal". Having studied samples of Kazakh dry milk, they decided to buy it in bulk, as the manufacturer’s spokesperson said. The plant’s capacity is 15 tons per year. Dry milk is stored in warehouses to cover larger demand. In the next couple of years, they will increase production volumes twofold. Therefore, a consistent technological upgrade is carried out.


- The only question is issuing permits. Kazakhstan has never delivered any milk products to those countries and therefore the accreditation needs to be started from the scratch. That is, we need to meet different countries’ requirements and regulations. I think that Agriculture Ministry will facilitate and we will export the first batch in summer.

The great interest to the unique and healthy product let the company’s management expand production line. Rejuvenating cosmetics, lotions and shower gels with saumal dry milk may appear in stores next year. 

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