Kazakhstan and Iran are implementing joint investment projects. One of them is the meat processing plant worth nearly $3.5 million, one of the largest projects in the region. It was another step towards the development of the region’s export potential, the Mayor’s office representatives say. The major part of meat is planned to be exported to Islamic states, including Iran. The corresponding agreements have been reached already.



- Iran asked 1-5 thousand heads of small cattle from Kazakhstan. We are working on it now. We will purchase in bulk from our farmers and agricultural cooperatives. We have had experience of exporting to the United Arab Emirates.


Another meat processing plant is planned to be constructed in Taldykorgan. The Kazakh-Chinese enterprise, which can turn into a cluster, is worth $15 million. It will include cattle feed complex for 3,000 heads, slaughter shop and processing line. The enterprise will also help farmers in purchasing cattle and fodder.  The construction will be finished by September. The region’s officials and investors have signed the memorandum on cooperation. Right after that, business partners have laid the capsule in the foundation of the future building of the meat processing plant.



- We are very pleased to work with Kazakhstani partners. We have shortly finished all necessary arrangements. China’s team of engineers will be involved in the construction. The rest of the builders will be recruited from the local population. The meat factory will provide jobs for 1,000 people.

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