Electricity pricing has jumped by 5.8% in the end of August. Electricity production amounted to 53.7 billion kW • h in 7 months - plus 1.7% over the same period a year earlier. This was reported by the analytical service Energyprom.kz. The highest growth rate was registered in Karaganda and East-Kazakhstan region. In contrast, Pavlodar region that produces over one third in the sector experiences a decrease by 5.7% which makes up 18.9 billion kilowatt • h. In August, electricity bill for the population using electric stoves amounted to an average of 1,030 tenge per 100 kW • h for Level 1; 1,459 tenge for level 2 and 1,824 for the level 3. Among large cities and megacities, Kostanay residents have the most expensive electricity bill (1,723 tenge for 100 kW • h for the 1st level, plus 3.7% per year), the cheapest price is in Aktau (456 tenge on the 1st level, plus 46 6% per year).   




Photo: liter.kz

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