Tools of the stock market can be attractive for Kazakhstan on its profitability. According to statistics, the number of physical accounts for the first half overstepped the mark of 100 thousand people and continues to increase in the system of the central depositary of the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange. According to experts, one of reasons that caused this case is the entry of large manufacturing companies.



The carrying  out of such IPO will only increase the number of investors. And, it will involve more and more people. This is especially important now when devaluation questions have been left behind. There is a great interest in the tenge denominated assets. There are enough decent rates on deposits in the banks, but these companies may offer higher returns, not much, but it’s reasonable to companies with great risk.


There are alternatives that can be very interesting for individuals. Mainly, it concerns the yields, which could be higher rewards offered by banks.



Those, who held IPO at the stock exchange, such as KazTransOil, KCell, Kegoc, BAST and AZM, all prior IPO had a great profits in a difficult conditions. The yield is sold just below of 50% per annum and, it is very good result. According to KazTransOil, the yield also reached high values such as 38% and 40%. And in any case, the yield is higher of company’s deposits. BAST gave even greater profitability. And, now it is necessary to say that the placement that held by KASE for individuals were very attractive.


However, the higher the yield of the securities, the larger risk. This law is equally severe for both private investors and large corporations. So, working on the stock exchange needs to carefully study the market and, listen to its movements and make friends with your broker.





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